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Safe and sustainable water for Davaoenos

Apo Agua is a joint venture company between Aboitiz InfraCapital and J.V. Angeles Construction Corporation for Davao City Water District’s (DCWD) Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project (DCBWSP). Once operational, the project will provide over one million Davaoeños with 300 million liters of clean water per day (MLD), ensuring there is enough supply for the fast-growing city.

To shift Davao City’s dependency from groundwater wells, DCBWSP will be tapping the Tamugan River, a more sustainable source of water in the heart of Davao District. The project’s water treatment facility will likewise be powered by renewable energy sourced from a two (2) megawatt run-of-river hydroelectric power plant. This pioneering innovation is called the “water-energy nexus” concept, a first in the country. The raw water will first pass through the run-of-river hydroelectric power plant to generate energy which in turn will be used to power the water treatment facility and produce treated water. This treated water will then be distributed to the reservoirs of DCWD.



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